Welcome to Pulsely. This Onboarding Guide enables you to quickly access the platform and launch your project. If you have to pause the process and come back to it later, we will remember where you were. If you have any trouble, please contact us at help@pulsely.io.

5 mins

....is all you need to get ready to deploy a project in your organization. You will be ready immediately or you can take it at your own pace. As soon as you invite participants and get responses, you will have access to your organization's DEI insights.

Your experience, everyone’s experience

During this onboarding process you will have the opportunity to to experience exactly what your fellow employees will experience. The same process, questions and results.

You are the Project Manager

As Manager, you can add employees to the platform and monitor their participation. You will also have access to organization-wide insights. And you are the one that determines if anyone else has permission to view those aggregate results.


Individual results are confidential. No one can access the individual results and insights besides the individual.

Let’s get started

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